Should I Be Concerned?

So I am browsing through my log files and notice several entries that disturb me or flatter me as I am not sure…

So in case I disappear for ever here it is…

Domain Name: ? (Military)
IP Address141.116.10.# (Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon)
ISP : Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : District of Columbia
City : Washington

Cal the Dog

So when I got married I inherited a foster child. His name is Cal even though he is named after Superman KAL-EL. He likes to fly head first like superman. Being an animal lover made it real easy to accept “the Wildman”. He was way hyper in the beginning. Here are a few pictures of one of the most spoiled dogs ever. Cal likes to fetch after all he is a lab mix. He loves to play tag or keep away or running all over while you chase him as he carries his favorite toy.. He loves to do it so much that he will bark at you when he is ready to play. As a watchdog he is almost 100% worthless only barking and being tough with people he knows who are already in the house or watching the jeep in the summer with the top off. I have often come out to the jeep to witness Cal coaxing a passerby to scratch his tummy. He is very persuasive. Cal is a very smart and very funny dog. He likes to open doors especially the garage door. He loves taking car rides and hates anything with an electric motor like the vacuum or blender and my guitar.

Here is Cal protecting his bone.
Cal protecting his bone

Here We find him with his snake after sneaking in the house while we were gone.
Here We find him with his snake after sneaking in the house while we were gone.


Or finding the perfect spot to mark…
Or finding the perfect spot to mark..

Could you please explain again why we have to get out?

Cal seems to think he is allowed on the couch.
Cal Relaxing on the Couch

This is our new puppy. His name is Sunny. I thought of the name Sundance for the great sidekick connection or mocking my employer but the family nixed it. It has now been shortened. Sunny’s Pictures

sunny aka lp or little puppy


What in the world?

Last weekend I was able to go jeeping in one of my favorite areas of Utah. Mineral basin is a local area that is a fun place to challenge driving skills and take in some of the most beautiful country in the world. I was out with my wife, my sister and her friend.

We had had a great time and were on our way home when we were stopped by a teenager on a motorcycle. He asked if we could come pull him out as he was high centered. I have been stuck up this canyon a half dozen times and understand the helplessness of being stuck. I said I would love to help. We followed him several miles until we found his vehicle and several family members digging and pushing to free the vehicle. I didn’t have a tow rope so we quickly lashed some straps together and began to pull but we ended up snapping the straps. After a few minutes a group of four wheelers showed up. They happen to have a strap and we began to pull the truck out. In the process the jeep was having difficulty pulling out the stuck truck. Some of the 4 wheeler group began pushing on the front and just as we got it free one of the pushers shattered the headlight cutting his finger to the bone. It began to bleed profusely. We quickly wrapped it in towels and a belt to keep it from bleeding. I saw that there was no way he was going to be able to ride his 4 wheeler back to his car as we were 10 miles from his truck. I told him to jump in the jeep and we will take him where ever he needs to go. The wound was quite severe and I was concerned with the bleeding and possible shock. I drove the rutted and washed out roads as fast as I could. We reached pavement and figured out a place to meet his group. Just after reaching the paved highway we discovered we had punctured a tire and stopped. The injured man’s friends appeared shortly and whisked him away to the hospital. Soon after getting the jeep jacked up and ready to change the tire I realized the proper lug wrench was sitting in my garage as I had used it to do something else but had failed to return it to the jeep. A few minutes later a kind gentleman stopped and asked if we wanted a ride. My wife and I drove with him to the valley and called some friends. A friend came and picked us up and dropped us off at our house. We packed some tools and drove back up the canyon to the jeep. We were surprised when the tire had been changed by a stranger after seeing my sister with a flat tire.

Why did I bother to share this story? Despite all that is wrong with the world we live in there is still an amazing sense of duty to help people in need. Complete strangers helped people in need with out question, demands or selfish motives.