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Should I Be Concerned?

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So I am browsing through my log files and notice several entries that disturb me or flatter me as I am not sure... So in case I disappear for ever here it is... Domain Name: ? (Military) IP Address141.116.10.# (Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon) ISP : Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon Location Continent : North America [...]

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Sunny the Dog

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This is our new puppy. His name is Sunny. I thought of the name Sundance for the great sidekick connection or mocking my employer ( you choose) but the family nixed it. It has now been shortened to just Sunny. Sunny is the brother to Cal the Dog This is me when I was just [...]

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Cal the Dog

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So when I got married I inherited a foster child. His name is Cal even though he is named after Superman KAL-EL. He likes to fly head first like superman. Being an animal lover made it real easy to accept "the Wildman". He was way hyper in the beginning. Here are a few pictures of [...]

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What in the world?

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Last weekend I was able to go jeeping in one of my favorite areas of Utah. Mineral basin is a local area that is a fun place to challenge driving skills and take in some of the most beautiful country in the world. I was out with my wife, my sister and her friend. We [...]