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In Memoriam 2016

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This year was a tough year.  We lost a lot of people that have impacted my life in some way meaningful or other probably sentimental. I have listed them in mostly chronological order. I hope that my kids get to know me a little better by sharing. So here is my attempt to share why [...]

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Test remote SQL connectivity EASILY!

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This whole post is stolen from: Steve Rachui's Manageability blog – ConfigMgr/OpsMgr Premier Field Engineer/Microsoft Dedicated Support Engineering Original Post: Test remote SQL connectivity Easily! DISCLAIMER:I simply posted it to my blog so I can find it in the future. Steve Rachui deserves full credit.  I learned about something very useful today and thought I’d [...]

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Tom Hanks’ 13 Greatest Movies Quotes

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Tom Hanks is ranked as the fourth highest all-time box office star in North America, with a total gross of over $4.336 billion at the North American box office, an average of $100.8 million per film. Worldwide, his films have grossed over $8.586 billion. And from these films I have gathered a few of my favorite quotes. Apollo 13 [...]