Buzz on the internet this morning is that President Obama’s Birth Certificate is a fraud. And the controversy rises to the next level. It appears that there is a cover up at The White House. This seems to be on par with Watergate. Or is it?

I have a lot of experience in Adobe products like Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator. I did the exact same thing done in the video. And I got the same results.

The video is actuallydeceiving.

The layers that were created in the scan were created most likely because Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features were left on during the scanning process. The scanner probably had OCR turned on and when the scanner created the pdf. The letters and words that were recognized wereseparatedout into layers. Adobe allows the creation of layers so that you can add, change, remove section of images. (Example).

From the National Review

What’s plausible is that somewhere along the way — from the scanning device to the PDF-creation software, both of which can perform OCR (optical character recognition) — these partial/pseudo-text images were created and saved. What’s not plausible is that the government spent all this time manufacturing Obama’s birth certificate only to commit the laughably rookie mistake of exporting the layers from Photoshop, or whatever photo editing software they are meant to have used.It’s likely that whoever scanned the birth certificate inHawaii forgot to turn off the OCR setting on the scanner.

The point of this post isn’t to prove or disprove the Birthers (I kind of think of them as the lunatic fringe). My point is this look at how easy it is to use technology to deceive.

“A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” -Mark Twain

Here is another example of technology used in deception. A Dove Soap Commercial.

Technology can be an incredible gift or the ultimate tool of destruction for man. Technology can be used for good to help make our lives and the lives of others better or it can be used to deceive us. It is important to be honest in everything we do because in the end we will be judged by the integrity of our selves.