Senate budget chairman Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, and president of the Utah Taxpayers Association, Sen. Howard Stephenson, R-Draper would like to raise your taxes on food.

In separate statements both men have said they want to restore the food tax.

Hillyard told the Cache Valley Daily that if all of the state sales tax was put back on unprepared food, it could raise about $140 million. Source: Deseret News

Writing in his column for the Utah Taxpayer newsletter, Stephenson said legislators made a “major mistake” when they, over a two-year period, cut the state sales tax on unprepared food.

He said Huntsman pressured lawmakers to cut the food tax to fulfill a promise made in his first campaign.

Stephenson said House members were inappropriately influenced by former Speaker Greg Curtis, who, according to Stephenson, told him that Curtis wanted it to be mentioned in his obituary that he cut the food tax.

“Neither of these reasons should have been sufficient to win passage of the reduced tax on food,” Stephenson wrote. Source: Deseret News

The Senators believe that lowering the tax on food was a bad idea.  Was it a bad idea or morally wrong?

I believe that taxing food is wrong. I don’t believe it was a bad idea to lower the tax on food.

What is wrong is how poorly the Senators have handled the budget.  If the lawmakers would quit creating an entitlement state maybe we could lower taxes.

There is an estimated $900,000,000 short fall in the Utah state budget next year.  Whoops… Apparently the State shouldn’t suffer the pains of tightening their budget but instead believe that the people of Utah should have to tighten their budgets because of poor budgeting and raising taxes.

I understand that tax revenues are down drastically due to a crappy economy but who is responsible for this budget shortfall? Is it the people? Or is it the people running the budget? I think it was the government.

Lower taxes give the people money to spend. Less government regulation gives businesses and opportunity to grow and succeed. More commerce creates more jobs and both create more revenue for the government. Create opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses and  your revenue problems with go away.

Senator Lyle W Hillyard has been in the Utah legislature since 1981. I think it’s time to send him into retirement.  He has been in office too long when he thinks he can just ask for a tax increase.  I ask that he needs to drastically cut the state budget. I hope that by trying to the raising of the food sales tax it becomes an albatross on his reelection. If he wants to raise taxes let’s put a tax on lawyers.  Utah seems to have too many lawyers floating around.

Senator Howard Stephensen has been in office since 1993 and both need to go. On Stephensen’s re-election website, there appears to be a blatant campaign lie…”Fighting to reduce your taxes, not add more!” Maybe its Fighting to reduce all your taxes but Food, not add more. Whoops that’s awkward.

Maybe since these two elected officials weren’t part of a solution they are part of the problem. It’s time to tell them bye bye. Why don’t we all send them a little bye bye note.

Senator: Lyle W. Hillyard


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