I think sometimes I fail to blog because I want to post large deep posts. I am going to try and continue that but I also want fast easy dirty posts like todays.

I thought I would just post some interesting things I have read across the internet recently.

Today’s Topic of links is Blogging

I have had this blog for 7+ years and a website previously that was a precursor to a blog for nearly 13 years.  Thus I get asked a lot about blogging…

Here are some good posts to get you more educated about the blogging process. Hopefully some of my clients will read these and get inspired.

What do you know? Six Helpful Questions for Beginning Bloggers.

Many people I know want to blog but they struggle like we all do with creating content.

Here are some great beginning blog posts compiled by kikolani.com

We all struggle sometimes to create and post content. I thought this was a great way to get focused

6 Steps to Writing a Blog in 20 minutes flat.

Once you have posted your new post its time to get it the love it deserves.

My Crazy Simple 7 Step Plan To Promote A New Post

Money seems a good reason to blog. However it should be noted that many don’t make money.

Blogging for Bucks: 8 Tips to Earn Pay for Your Say

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