Are you interested in having one-on-one guitar lessons with the #1 top-rated guitar instructor in the state of Utah? Jon Dansie is the man for you! Jon is the owner of Starchild Music Productions – Guitar Studios. With over 35 years of experience playing, performing, and teaching guitar, Jon will share his love for music and help you to achieve your highest potential. Jon has students of all ages and skill levels. Many television and radio personalities have chosen Jon as their personal guitar instructor. Jon / Starchild has been twice nominated for Best of State.

Jon will work with you to create custom lessons tailored to your needs and abilities. When you enroll in lessons with him you will enjoy his undivided attention for either 30 minutes or an hour each week. Your lesson time is yours! Jon will help you to progress at your unique pace until you are enjoying those aha moments on a regular basis!

Utah Guitar Lessons