Scorpions is a heavy metal/hard rockband from Hannover, Germany, known for their 1980s rock anthems and power ballads.

The Scorpions were not well known in the States until their 1980 album “Animal Magnetism. They made their big break in the States with their 1982 album “Blackout”. With hits like “No One Like You”, “Can’t Live Without You”, “Blackout”, and “When The Smoke Is Going Down” they finally got their International recognition they always wanted. Then they backed that album up with an even better one with the 1984 release of “Love At First Sting” which is my favorite album.

I am a long time Scorpions fan. Its hard to believe they are still rocking it after starting in 1965. I give you my favorite 10 songs.

Rock You Like a Hurricane

One of the greatest guitar intro’s of all time. This song was written to pump up your emotions.

I’m Leaving You

These guys are power rockers and ballad writers. You thought it was Bon Jovi but nope its the Scorpions.

Black Out

It is a very fast paced song that starts right off with a screaming lick. Strong rhythm guitar, electric lead guitar, and a fast pace drum beat all together is what gets this song started. Klaus sings in a higher and faster tone to accompany everything that is going on in the music because there is a lot that is happening during this song. Its a great classic. During the writing of this album Klaus lost his voice and required surgery before they could record it.

Hear the album version that still blows my mind and scares my children.

No One Like You

“There’s no one like you
I can’t wait for the nights with you
I imagine the things we’ll do
I just wanna be loved by you”

Coming Home

A slow ballad that becomes a heavy metal rocker….

Send Me An Angel

A great ballad.

Still Loving You

Another great ballad and again its from Love at First Sting.

Can’t Live Without You

Just a great party song.


Winds of Change

A powerful song from a time of turmoil. The fall of the Soviet Union.