I have seen Geico adds ad nauseum for years. I always just thought they were some cheesy insurance company.  Recently my mind was changed about them.  Here is my story. I was driving home from the car show and as I exited the freeway and was stopped at the light a young kid rear-ended us. I felt really bad for the kid.  He was barely 16 and to make matters worse his parents were following him. It appeared on the surface that his car had the worst of it. My trailer hitch went through the front of his car and punctured the radiator.  It bent my hitch down.  I debated whether or not to get my hitch fixed.  I took my car to a trusted collision specialist in my town.  Sure enough it had caused about $1500 in damage to my car.  The hitch is attached to the rear of the frame and had twisted and bent it.  Damn!!!

jeep-bent-hitch jeep-bent-hitch

I have dealt enough with other people insurance companies to write a book of reviews.  Not one has left me feeling warm and fuzzy. Enter Geico.

The other drivers insurance is Geico.  I was nervous.  I always thought of them as some cut-rate insurance company.  I was quickly surprised. I called and the phone call lasted a mere 8 minutes.  8 minutes to report the accident, schedule a time for the adjuster to look at it and begin repairs and schedule a rental car.  What?  No this can’t be this easy.  But it was that easy.

At the time of my appointment I went to their adjusters office.  I walked in signed a couple of agreements and they walked me next door and I picked up my rental car.  It took less than 20 minutes and I had dropped off my car to be repaired and picked up a rental car. Every few days my adjuster Jaime called me with an update. I dropped my car off on Monday and it was fixed by Friday.  No hassle no mess just repaired.  I unloaded my stuff from the rental car into my car and off I went.

In addition to this really great and easy service, the repair guys left my old hitch in the back of the jeep so I could remove my hitch lock and keep it. I was pleasantly surprised by Geico and Larry H. Miller Body Shop.  Thanks for doing such a great job.

My rental car was a Fiat 500.

My thoughts on it… It was a small fun car but I would never buy one.  Just too damn small.