All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix

Although I am a Dylan fan this is really Jimi’s song now. The guitar work is nothing but amazing.

Turn the Page – Metallica

Originally written and made famous by Bob Seger from his Back in ’72 album.  Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich recalled hearing it driving across the Golden Gate Bridge and thought it had James (Hetfield) written all over it. – Source: Wikipedia

The original

There She Goes – Sixpence None the Richer

Written by Lee Mavers and recorded by his band The La’s in 1988.  Allegedly the song is about heroin.  I think it’s a catchy sappy love song.

The original

Hurt -Johnny Cash

The song was originally written by Trent Reznor and recorded with Nine Inch Nails (NIN)

The music video was directed by Mark Romanek who sought to capture the essence of Cash, both in his youth and in his frail older years. In a montage of shots of Johnny’s early years as an icon, twisted imagery of fruit and flowers in various states of decay, seem to capture both his past and the stark reality of the present.

Romanek had this to say about his decision to focus on the House of Cash museum in Nashville.

“It had been closed for a long time, The place was in such a state of dereliction. That’s when I got the idea that maybe we could be extremely candid about the state of Johnny’s health, as candid as Johnny has always been in his songs.”

71 years of age at the time of filming, Cash had serious health problems and his frailty is starkly evident in the video. He died 5 months later. Hurt is considered by many to be Cash’s epitaph.

When Rick Rubin asked if Cash could cover his song, Trent Reznor said he was “flattered” but worried that “the idea sounded a bit gimmicky.” He became a fan of Cash’s version, however, once he saw the music video.

I pop the video in, and wow Tears welling, silence, goose-bumps Wow.
[I felt like] I just lost my girlfriend, because that song isn’t mine anymore’ It really made me think about how powerful music is as a medium and art form. I wrote some words and music in my bedroom as a way of staying sane, about a bleak and desperate place I was in, totally isolated and alone. [Somehow] that winds up reinterpreted by a music legend from a radically different era/genre and still retains sincerity and meaning” different, but every bit as pure.[4]

The House of the Rising Sun -The Animals

The song is a folk song that no one knows quite where it originated but its believed to be 18th century England.  I love the organ.  Bob Dylan covered this song first but was accused of plagiarism because of the success of The Animals’ version.

With a Little Help from My Friends -Joe Cocker

This was song was of course a Beatles original but Joe Cocker’s Woodstock performance and it becoming the theme song to the TV show “The Wonders Years” has made it his.

The song was written for Ringo Star. Lennon and McCartney deliberately wrote a tune with a limited range – except for the last note, which McCartney worked closely with Starr to achieve. Speaking in the Anthology, Starr insisted on changing the first line which originally was “What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and throw tomatoes at me?” He changed the lyric so that fans would not throw tomatoes at him should he perform it live. (In the early days, after George Harrison made a passing comment that he liked jelly babies, the group was showered with them at all of their live performances.)

Mrs Robinson -The Lemonheads

Simon & Garfunkel classic done in punk.

Landslides -Smashing Pumpkins

Although the Dixie Chicks cover maybe slightly more famous version of Stevie Nick’s ballad, I think that  Bill Corgan’s cover is much better.

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Led Zepelin

This song is a folk song written by Anne Bredon in the late 1950’s.  It was recorded by Joan Baez in 1962.  Robert Plant loved the song so much they included it on their debut album making everyone forget the song isn’t theirs.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – George Thorogood

This is a blue great John Lee Hooker song… Its one of my favorite blues tunes.

John Lee Hookers version