Salt-Lake-City-Mayor-Ralph-BeckerSalt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker is trying to shove down our throats more “green” or at least the thought of it being environmentally friendly.  I am beginning to think of Becker as the Salt Lake City Socialist. Becker is all spend spend spend despite having to ask for cuts in both pay and benefits to his employees.

Becker’s latest boondoogle is a trolley line in Sugarhouse. Dictator Becker wants to spend $50,000,000 for a slow moving trolley line that runs a grand total of 2 miles or $48 a foot. UTA expects the streetcar system dreams it might get at least 2,300 riders a day. At that pace it would take 15 years at $4 a ride to pay the $50,000,000 off.

According to the UTA‘s own study, capital investment for expanded bus service on 2100 South would cost only $10 million. The streetcar would cost $37 50 million. Buses are more expensive to operate, but you could run expanded bus service for 26 years on the difference in capital cost between buses and the streetcar.


Nothing like wasting another $50 large among friends and contributors.

But don’t panic just yet because Mayor Becker is begging the Federal Government to invest wildly on this. Becker is asking for 50% investment from all Americans in this trolley sham. I smell bacon in the pork package.

I suspect that the Democrats control of everything will be short lived just like it was the last time. Its too bad people forgot the Jimmy Carter years.