Is anyone else tired of the swine flu yet?

I am.

Sickness and Death have been around since the beginning. In simple terms we all die eventually. Dying is the leading cause of death.

Here is a Public Service Annoucement about it from the 1970’s

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The swine flu has been around for a long time. The “regular” flu has been a leading killer through out the ages. Why are we hyping it so much?

The media seems to be hyping this endlessly. I believe the media does it to sell their product. Humans love the gloom and doom. Look at Halloween, Horror Movies, and the media. Just ask Bill Buckner… Gloom and Doom.

Maybe there is a method or connection behind it…

The media blamed George Bush for pushing terrorism to build his “emotional terrorism”.  Maybe the current administration is following the same play book to pass healthcare?

I sometimes believe the media is so swine flu happy just so they can help sell this damn healthcare overhaul.  (For the record its the wrong type of reform that Congress is pushing currently. ) The current President and much of Congress has been given a free pass by the media in my opinion.  I am saying that the media seems to have been complicit in much of the governments actions lately.

Creating a healthcare panic might be good to push through a very unpopular bill.  Government profiting from healthcare… this could be  interesting. I don’t mean profit as in money but profit as bigger government more power. Government loves to expand and suck money.

More panic requires more health and human services.

Swine Flu also creates demand for pharmaceuticals. It creates demand for flu shots. It creates demand for Tamiflu and Ralenza. The pharmaceutical companies advertise in the media. It creates taxes for governments. The circle of profit continues.

Let the record reflect I am not against profit. Profit is good but if its manipulated by preying upon the fears of an uneducated and possible irrational public, there might be a problem. Collusion is something that in business is bad.

Maybe this is all just theory or conjecture or maybe there is some truth to it.

Fear motivates, Action happens.

I work in public safety.

9/11 created a new government agency, The Department of Homeland Security. It created a windfall of money for police and fire. Swine flu could continue this windfall.

I think that swine flu allows public safety to find more money to spend on our services. The media hypes it up. The public gets nervous. When the public gets nervous, they demand more government services. The government(s) (Federal to local) release new monies.  Emergency services find a flood of new cash. Public panic equates to public outcry to politicians. Politicians need to get re-elected which in turn releases the cash. The cash goes to public safety. This doesn’t even include the companies who are lobbying, wining and dinning the politicians to try and direct the spending on their products.

I believe that people in my very own organization may be drumming up support via scare tactics not intentionally. This is my opinion with no basis in fact other than 500+ swine flu related emails since last January. My 911 agency just approved $100,000 to purchase a software system to mine data from our dispatch/911 calls to track pandemics in real time. I don’t believe we would be purchasing this software if it weren’t for the panic of the public.  That being said I don’t believe nor do I have any evidence that any of this was done illegally, for personal gain or agency gain by any of the management of my employer. I merely used this as a real world example of how money flows in public safety when public panic occurs.

Administration Leaders Say that Flu Preparedness is a “Shared Responsibility” Announce New Funding for States and New Nation-Wide Flu Prevention Campaign at

Then again maybe I am looking at this wrong,  the Swine Flu will jump start our crappy economy…

Are you worried about Swine Flu? Check out the facts.
Key Facts about Swine Influenza (Swine Flu)

If you are really worried about your health what about these?

Cancer killed 565,650 men and women in the United States in 2008 or 1549 per day. Source:

Heart Disease Claimed 864,480 lives in 2005 (final mortality) (35.3 percent of all deaths or 1 of every 2.8 deaths) or 2368 per day Source: American Heart Association

Diabetes killed 72,507* in 2007 or 198 per day. Source: National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse * indicates where it was officially listed on the death certificate as the primary cause most diabetics die of other related diseases so the incidence reporting is actually lower than actual rates.

HIV (AIDS) killed 12,543 in America or 34 per day in 2005 Source: American Heart Association

In 2007 12,998 people were killed in the USA by drunk drivers? Source: MADD Source: SWINE FLU… ANOTHER OVER HYPED MEDIA EVENT