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AIG: Getting the Nobel Prize For Evil

  The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c The Notorious AIG Daily Show Full Episodes Important Things w/ Demetri Martin Political Humor Jim Cramer   I didn't see this clip on Comedy Central but I got it from The WilliamBanzai7 Blog (The Great American Subprime Disaster) which has some great commentary [...]

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Senator Chris Dodd Gets Outed in AIG Bonus Fiasco

The American public should be sending Chris Dodd a thank you note for selling our future down the river for a reelection donation. It appears though that he was not alone in the bail out band wagon. The financial sector seemed to know that it 2009 it would need help from friendly politicians and so they donated generously. It appears ladies and gentlemen that your Congressman can be bought.

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