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Kalifornia: The IOU State

It has been said that if California was a country it would have the 10th largest economy in the world. Lately, however it seems that California has lost its luster. California has managed to take its self from a first rate economic juggernaut to what could be classified as a third world country. Aren’t most third world countries mired in huge debt and don’t have the money to pay anyone?

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Greed is Good

Greed motivates people in amazing ways. Today the United States Treasury Department approved 10 banks to repay over $68 billion in bailout money. Its amazing how 10 of the nation’s largest banks who just months ago were begging for billions of dollars of money in bailouts have suddenly found a method to pay off their Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) accounts.

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Energy Myths and Realities

returning to the lessons my generation learned from the 1970s energy crisis. We learned that energy choices favored by politicians but not confirmed by markets are destined to fail. If history has taught us anything it‟s that we should resist the temptation to ask politicians to substitute their judgments for that of the market, and let markets determine how much energy gets used, what types of energy get used, where, how and by whom energy gets used. In truth, no source of energy is perfect, thus only markets can weigh the pros and cons of each source. Government‟s role is to set reasonable standards for environmental performance, and make sure markets work.

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Website Credibility: It’s your Business For Pete’s Sake!

Internet business has really only one important gateway to success, its credibility. Everyone has been told of horror stories of being ripped off on the web; unscrupulous businesses taking advantage of unsuspecting victims via the web. It’s a tale that is told over and over. Because of these tales online customers are wary.

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Dating Websites

A long time ago a friend and reader of this blog thought about creating a dating service. It was before the internet. Like so many crazy ideas of my youth it fizzled through lack of vision or effort. Looking back it may have been a mistake not to pursue it.  Oh well. I recently discovered [...]

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