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Maybe the BCS was right BYU is Over Rated.

Being a BYU fan is a lot like being a Chicago Cubs fan... It just brings heart ache. Tonight BYU season ended prematurely like a thorough bred breaking its leg in the first race of the triple crown. BYU Football was having a wonderful season all the way up until October when something happened, a [...]

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More BYU CoEd Jokes

What's a BYU coed's favorite exercise? Jogging to the refrigerator. What did the BYU coed say when her boyfriend blew in her ear? Thanks for the refill, honey. Why did San Francisco get all the lesbians and Provo get all the BYU coeds? San Francisco had first choice. A BYU coed bragged, "I can marry [...]

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Help the Needy Give to the Greedy

While some of you may remember I renounced my BYU Football fanhood about 6 months or so ago but I would like to regress and talk about news I recently read. Please don’t think that this is a ploy to get my BYU fanhood reinstated as I won’t probable ever do that. The news I [...]

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