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High School Hoops Star Jabari Parker is Getting Wooooooed by BYU Fans

Remember Jimmer Fever at the BYU?? Well in a way its back but this time its. Jabari Parker Fever. Jabari Parker is an American high school basketball player from Chicago. He is entering his 2012–13 senior season for Simeon Career Academy. Many experts considered Parker the top player in the recruiting class of 2013,including ESPN, and Before his junior season, Dime Magazine declared him [...]

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More BYU CoEd Jokes

What's a BYU coed's favorite exercise? Jogging to the refrigerator. What did the BYU coed say when her boyfriend blew in her ear? Thanks for the refill, honey. Why did San Francisco get all the lesbians and Provo get all the BYU coeds? San Francisco had first choice. A BYU coed bragged, "I can marry [...]

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