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NetMotion’s World Class Support Made My Day

You all know I work in Information Technology for 9-1-1.  The older I get the more important customer service is to me.  Service is the difference in making me a happy IT person or a tyrant.  With the economy the way it is we know that price is often an issue.  To me price isn't [...]

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A Great New Vendor Story: Mountainland Business Systems & Ben Ashby

I swear most days it feels as if the vendors who supply products and software for my day job are in a competition to provide us with the absolute worst service ever.  They seem to go out of their way to take our money quickly and provide the absolute least in return. I hate that [...]

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Golden Rentals Snowmobiles

The internet became the great equalizer of men when it became a medium for the customer to exact justice upon a particularly bad experience. Every year I am reminded of a bad snowmobile rental experience.  Recently I have received over 20 emails asking me about Golden Rentals in Murray, Utah.  I should have saved them [...]

Service is Not Dead

Why is it that some people have more trouble with their cars than others? I rarely have any trouble but my wife on the other hand attracts trouble like bees to honey. Last night she comes out to her car and it has a flat tire. I am home babysitting the kids Sydney and Zach. [...]

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