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Barack Obama Has Sold More Guns…

than any other President in history. Over the last few months America's love affair with their guns has taken people off of the sidelines and into gun stores across America. Gun sales have surged after Obama's election. Don't believe me!!! Read the results for your selves. The American people fear new, stricter, and far more [...]

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Clinging to Guns and Religion

Working for 911 has its benefits and its pitfalls.  I think one of the drawbacks to working with 911 is the realization of just how dangerous of a world we live in.  I personally had a couple of close encounters that started me down the path to gun ownership. Read here.  Last summer I sat [...]

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All Right All You Gun Haters: Ted Nugent Talks Gun Control

Ted Nugent eloquently shares his view on gun control.  His view is very similar to mine on the 2nd Amendment and Crime. Moderator: second-amendment uh... gun control you've been on the uh... NRA since  ninety five and this is a subject that you may feel more strongly about.  Make your case Ted Nugent: I believe that a [...]

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Don’t Ever Say I think I am going to buy a Gun…

If you ever wanted to bring up a controversial subject that brings out peoples' ire tell them you are thinking about purchasing a gun. I have recently created a firestorm in my circle of non-gun friends. I had no idea I had that many non-gun friends. I had no idea the opinions I would get [...]

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