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Let It Be: The Beatles Final Album

The Beatles released Let It Be, their 12th and final album 43 years ago today. It was released May 8th 1970 by Apple Records shortly after The Beatles had announced their break-up. Let It Be wasn’t really the Beatles last recording and was actually recorded before the Abbey Road album. A disagreement between Phil Spector and [...]

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10 Best John Lennon Songs

Today would have been John Lennon's 72 Birthday.  John left us sadly 32 years ago but he left with us an incredible legacy of music. Here are 10 on my favorite tunes John Lennon.   Happy Birthday John! "Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it." -John Lennon Imagine Recorded [...]

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10 Best Bob Dylan Tunes

Bob Dylan's influence on popular music is incalculable. As a songwriter, he pioneered several different schools of pop songwriting, from confessional singer/songwriter to winding, hallucinatory, stream-of-consciousness narratives. As a vocalist, he broke down the notion that a singer must have a conventionally good voice in order to perform, thereby redefining the vocalist's role in popular music. Here are my 10 favorite Bob Dylan Tunes

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