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Ted Nugent On Gibson Raids:”Illogical, Anti-American, and Contrary to Claims of Creating Jobs”

Rocker and Political Analyst extraordinaire Ted Nugent spoke out against the Department Of Justices Raids on  Gibson Guitars on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs. Some Classic Ted Quotes: "Life as we know it would be worthless with out Gibson" “This is going to come to an end -we’re going to vote these punks out of [...]

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All Right All You Gun Haters: Ted Nugent Talks Gun Control

Ted Nugent eloquently shares his view on gun control.  His view is very similar to mine on the 2nd Amendment and Crime. Moderator: second-amendment uh... gun control you've been on the uh... NRA since  ninety five and this is a subject that you may feel more strongly about.  Make your case Ted Nugent: I believe that a [...]

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