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Tom Hanks’ 13 Greatest Movies Quotes

Tom Hanks is ranked as the fourth highest all-time box office star in North America, with a total gross of over $4.336 billion at the North American box office, an average of $100.8 million per film. Worldwide, his films have grossed over $8.586 billion. And from these films I have gathered a few of my favorite quotes. Apollo 13 [...]

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Tom Hanks Attacks the Mormons Again

In January, Tom Hanks took the opportunity to attack the Mormon Church by calling them “Un-American” in a Fox News interview. He later apologized. This time his attack is more subtle. Instead of overtly and directly attacking as Tom Hanks, he has changed tactics and is attacking their faith by trying to show the sacred temple ceremonies on his HBO show “Big Love”. Tom Hanks is the producer of “Big Love”.

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