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Jon Huntsman Jr. Gay Rights Activist or Political Opportunist

Recently Utah Republican Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. came out of the political closest by announcing publically that he supports Civil Unions. A bold move in ultra-conservative Utah where according to a recent Salt Lake Tribune poll "70 percent of Utahans oppose civil unions". This seems like a brash stance and a strange place to lash out at those who got you elected. I think there may be more to this. It's opportunity knocking.

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Lobbyists Shower Utah Legislators with Gifts But Fail To Report Anything.

In today’s Salt Lake Tribune's article Legislators racked up lobbyists' gifts in '08, but little disclosed, I read about one of my favorite local Utah politicians, R- Sheldon Killpack engaging in one of my most despised part of government, lobbyist handouts. It turns out that Sheldon Killpack was the big winner by taking home the most free handouts with a grand total of $1800. Unfortunately only $20,000 of the more than $170,000 doled out last year was traceable to individuals.

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