Last night I went to Cabela’s with a friend. He was shopping for a home defense gun. Sidenote: Cabela’s has a screaming deal for a shot gun Remington 870 Express with home defense barrel and hunting barrel for $349.

While I was there I found it amazing that hundreds of people were there doing the same thing. Looking at guns for protection from an increasingly less civil society.  Gun ownership is a right guaranteed by our Constitution. I thought that it was awesome to see people exercising their Constitutional rights. In today’s world, the Constitution and the rights it provides is often forgotten or taken for granted. Its an amazing document and more Americans should take time to read and reread the amazing document written more than 230 years ago.

With that being said…

The thought of the crazy people that think that more gun laws will stop murder is completely insane to me. It doesn’t. A criminal will commit crime when there is opportunity.  Just Read Why I Carry.  This is a page dedicated to crime I have read about in my local area. Its not a complete list but it brings home the point that crime is all around us. You can either be the victim or you can be the wolf. Its really your choice.

On to my favorite Gun Rights Activist Ted Nugent.

Ted Nugent eloquently shares my view on the 2nd Amendment and Crime.

Ted states it memorably and is spot on about gun control and crime.

According to Ted gun-free zones are recipe for disaster. I would agree.