Texas-2Recently my family and I have moved to San Antonio, Texas.  Yes that is 1350 miles from Lehi, Utah or where we have spent the last 9 years of our lives. We made the decision with a lot of thought and prayer but it came rapidly and we were gone with in 60 days of deciding to move.  I thought I would address some of the questions people have.

Why Texas?

I asked myself that same question many times before I moved.  First my mother is very ill and my father needs support and help and they live in Texas as does my brother and his family.

Secondly the Texas economy is good.  Prices are cheap for most everything and there is no state income tax.  Did I mention the weather right now is awesome?  65-75 day time highs.

Is this permanent?

I haven’t a clue.  We haven’t sold our house in Lehi.  We moved most of our possessions out of the house and into storage in Lehi. We rented our townhome albeit to deadbeat renters who I will address in another post some day. Hopefully it will be rented to a really nice family I think is the greatest.

Did you quit your job at 911?

I didn’t quit my job.  My employer with a gracious and super supportive boss has allowed me to stay on and work remotely from Texas. I miss many of my coworkers and surprisingly some I don’t.

My wife didn’t quit her job either she transferred here with Petsmart.

Is it true you are living in an RV in an RV Park?

yes its all true.  This allows us to get here and get up and living cheap.  Originally the plan was to live in my brothers vacation house but it was too far to drive back and forth for the wife.  It also allows us to live a few feet from my parents in their RV.  Is it ideal? No but it is a 40 foot 5th wheel with 3 bump outs so its not horrible and don’t view it as a beat down RV as its plenty nice.  The proximity to my mom is what makes this great.  We are also taking this as kind of a life reset.  We are living TV free and in a close environment.  I view it as a way to be humbled in a good kind of way and to see how others who have much less than us live.  Its a reminder to be grateful of what we have.  I secretly love being this close to family.  Often times the RV park reminds me of Seinfeild’s parents condos at Del Boca Vista.

What is your Plan?

We currently don’t have a plan.  We are winging this as we go. We would like to be in a house after the first of the year.

What’s it like in Texas?

Things I like so far.  Driving.  Driving here is serious and being a Californian in Exile that  suites me great.  No more dilly dallying at stop signs etc.

People are insanely friendly and its everywhere I go.  Last night I made a late night run to grocery store for some beverages.  As I was emptying out my cart an older gentleman in a cowboy hat sport coat and boots comes up and says can I take your cart?  I don’t want mine to be lonely on the trek back.  What?  Too nice.  It is like this everywhere.  Sydney’s orthodontist who we just met once asked me if we needed anything since we were new to the area.