A few days ago I turned on the radio to KENZ 101.9 The End for a listen because I have a fantasy that they will do the right thing and fire the DJ I Didn’t Like in order to resurrect a good radio station. I think that she is killing the station slowly. I think she sucks but you can read that here. Instead the radio station has decided to fire Mr. West albeit they use a different term for it: contract dispute. The truth may exist right here. The bottom-line is that Citadel Communications thinks they can do it cheaper and be more profitable unfortunately Chunga and Mr. are/were their gravy train. Personally I think that this radio station will disappear within 6 months. Chunga and Mr. have been keeping it alive and occasional bright spots with other DJ’s but they have been few and far between. I think there is a large demand in Utah for the type of radio they started out with but I think this is the swan song for this station. An Alternative Rock/New Wave station that plays 80’s classics as well as new stuff that fits in to this genre. Chunga over the last year and a half has been slipping. No longer is he as funny but has become too self-absorbed and has forgotten what his audience liked about him. Chunga seems to be suffering radio burn out or career burnout because he is doing too many other things outside of 101.9. I miss the old days of Chunga and Mr West with a little bit of Stevie Oldfield mixed in for some fun. I guess I will just keep on enjoying satellite radio.