Today I was passing the time while I was mindlessly updating servers by reading the news.  I was attracted by an article about what is new in Scandinavia.  I spent a few years living in Denmark. The article discussed an area I was very familiar with from my days living nearby.  It was a part of Copenhagen that was the “red light” district called Istedsgade.  The article talked about how it had cleaned up its act and was the new “IT” part of the city for food and culture.  The absurdity of this made me curious.

I decided to look it up on Google Maps.

One thing led to another and I started using Google street view to visit places I had been.  One of the them was the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen’s harbor.  I had been there many times.  The map labeled it as The Genetically Modified Little Mermaid.

This made me giggle.

It appears that some one has made a joke on Google Maps.

Enjoy the Easter Egg