I almost forgot that today was the day of reckoning for some pro golf hack Tiger Woods. I missed it until reading through some of my favorite blog feeds and noticed it getting some attention. I find the whole thing revolting. Here is a man who has everything but it wasn’t enough. Woods doesn’t believe he needed to do the right thing. He thought he was above being honest, true and loving in his marital relationship. Woods thought he didn’t have to live by the rules of integrity. How sad for him? Another alleged hero’s fall from grace.

I quickly searched the internet to view the nearly 15 minute apology speech. I found it with no problem. I watched it and ran for the toilet to puke.  What a bunch of crap? We could let that dry out and we could fertilize most of the USA with that dung.

Tiger Woods delivered his apology speech in a deadpan approach with no emotion, no sorrow and no sincerity.  It seemed fake. How could I believe a word of it? I will admit that I am not a big Tiger follower but he had no emotion in the whole 15 minutes other than the part where he berated the media and the public for following his family and taking photos of it all. I love how he almost tries to say that the media caused his affairs. Excuse me but isn’t that the price of fame and fortune, the media? And if this had been so sincere where was his wife  Elin Nordegren?  How sincere can you be with your wife MIA?

I honestly hadn’t seen anything this insincere in recent memory. It reminded me of one of the fakest apologies of all time that of Mark McGuire sort of owning up to his steroid use.  The speech was a joke. I don’t really know why Nike and Electronic Arts aren’t flushing this turd. This guy is an albatross and he doesn’t appear to be getting better.

One last thing before the video…

Tiger Woods has a sex addiction?!? Really what is a sex addiction? Isn’t it natural to want to have sex? Strange in my mind. Then again I suppose that Tiger Woods has hired a PR team to try and repair his brand. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PR team is made up the addiction story to try to get the public to be more sympathetic towards Tiger due to the addiction and not just being a dickhead.