bit.lyIf you own a website or are a webmaster, it is guaranteed that you have a toolbox full of online tools, services and hacks to do your job. I use a variety of industry tools with some new some old some blue and some used. Most of these tools are used for promotion and monitoring of online success.

Many of you use social media to promote your websites. Twitter is on fire at the moment but soon another fad or legitimate tool will burgeon onto the scene. Due to twitters limited amount of characters long URLs often times don’t fit especially if you include any other commentary. Tiny takes a large URL and creates a shorter and more easily managed and shared URL. Tiny URL’s have become the rage with the Tweets. The site I use is

Most webmaster likes their stats and ability to track success at view them at the granular level. There is now an online tool that tracks the impact of such URLs. If I take this post URL and convert it using it becomes This services allows you to track clicks and posts in real time. You can even view the history of your URL. This makes it easier to track tweets about your site. You can now track your successful tweet campaigns. I am sure that this tool will spawn a new generations of social media measuring tools.

You can view my test URL @

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