It appears that Tom Hanks must have felt some heat and or a little backlash from his “Un-American” comment about Mormons last week. While Hanks failed to say why he decided to apologize his publicist released this.

Last week, I labeled members of the Mormon church who supported California’s Proposition 8 as ‘un-American,. I believe Proposition 8 is counter to the promise of our Constitution; it is codified discrimination. But everyone has a right to vote their conscience; nothing could be more American,” the statement continues. “To say members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who contributed to Proposition 8 are ‘un-American’ creates more division when the time calls for respectful disagreement. No one should use ‘un- American’ lightly or in haste. I did. I should not have.” Fox News

I wonder what changed Hanks view? Did Toy Story DVD sales at Walmart begin to slide? Or does Hanks actually regret making that statement? Who knows… but for what ever reason Tom thank you for the apology.