It’s the end of the year and it’s time to reflect on the year at Eransworld. Traffic was up almost 40% over last year. We are over 50,000 unique visitors. I thought I would share the top 10 posts by visitors.

The first two are about basically the same event.  The demise of local radio station 101.9 The End and its long time morning personality Jimmy Chunga. Because of the popularity of this station many of my rants about its shows personalities also experienced more traffic. For the record it returned to its old format a few days ago.

1.  The Chunga Show at 101.9 THE END is Over!
2.  Is The DJ I Didn’t Like Finally Gone from 101.9 The End

I love to blog about heroes.
3. Utah Highway Patrolman Saves the Day

Can the IT Guy ever get a break? Of course not.
4. Top 10 Computer Skills the Average Worker Should Have According to the IT Guy

This may have been popular because I accidentally and unintentionally offended the parent of an autistic child.
5.  World Autism Awareness Day

6.  Microsoft Word Skills the Average Worker Should Have According to the IT Guy
7. Facebook Users Post Bra Colors for Breast Cancer Awareness

Utah got to flush the toilet on a Turd and gave participants a coin.
8. Utah Corrections creating commemorative coin for Ronnie Lee Gardner execution

I love reading the KSL Classifieds.   There are some creative sales people. (Last Years winnner)
9. Satan’s Lawnmower is For Sale
10. 5 Iconic Gibson Les Paul Guitarists