In the wonderful world of IT, people say the darnedest things…

  1. Do you know what my password is?
  2. I plugged my (personal device of choice) into the computer and now my computer has a virus warning.
  3. Ever since you updated my computer!! I cannot get on the internet.
  4. Do you know where I saved my Word file?  What name did you give it? I don’t know.  I just saved it.
  5. Can I just ask one more quick question?
  6. Is this going to be quick because I am in a hurry?   (WE ALL KNOW ITS NEVER GOING TO BE QUICK)
  7. I lost all my work because I forgot to save it. Can you recover it?
  8. I think the server is down (meanwhile there are 100 other servers still up please be more specific on what the real problem is.)
  9. My (insert relative) works in IT… Can he/she come and work with you?
  10. This computer is a complete POS!!!