I am sorry to the lispers out there for the title. I know its hard to read outloud.

Recently I did something crazy…  I change the way I get my TV. For most of the last 7 years I have been with DirectTV.  Lately however I have not been feeling the love…my prices rose with out even a letter explaining, my channels have been slowly disappearing and being replaced with more infomercial/shopping channels. I mean who doesn’t want to pay more for shopping channels?  I had been thinking its time. It’s time for change, real change. Where the hell is Barack Obama to help me with my TV? Isn’t Obama promising the New Deal 2 which includes a DVR in every house if he gets elected?

My goals for change were simple. I want to add a TV or two and I want a DVR of some sort. I don’t expect this service to be free but a discount for a 7 year customer would be nice. I called DirectTV and basically got a ho hum answer about upgrading.  Hey if you don’t want my business just let me know. I can switch.  Moments later a knock at the door…  Awesome I love door to door salesmen.  Where’s my Glock? Where’s my extra magazine? 13 rounds just ain’t enough when dealing with pushy salesmen and or Zombies.  To my surprise it’s the Comcast salesman.  Yea… Ok Mr. Salesman what deals are you pushing.  After giving this guy a hard time for a while I decide to sign up.  It’s the Triple Play.  I already have high speed internet but now I would get digital cable and HDDVR blah blah blah and a land line.  Cool I do some simple math its cheaper than I am currently paying plus I get a landline, something I haven’t had in 11 years. Ok let’s do it. When can you get me hooked up? How about Thursday? Ok… I get my favorite 1-5pm time quote. WTF? Anyway who cares the wife is home it will be fine.

Thursday comes and no one shows up… My wife calls the sales guy who says if they aren’t there by 4pm call me.  4pm comes around nothing no one no sales guy nothing. We are alone and on the brink of no TV. I am leaving a message for my sales guy when lo and behold a knock on the door.  It’s the DirectTV and DishNetwork sales guy.  Ok dude lets talk.  The dish dude gives me a sweeter deal than either Direct or Comcast.  After signing up and determining a time that actually had only a 1 hour time window, wink wink Comcast (maybe you should do this), I call the Comcast sales guy and cancel my order. The sales guy asks why… I tell him I changed my mind.  Was it the missed appointment?  Ding Ding Ding… Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

The point of my diatribe today is this… Why can’t large service companies take care of their clients?  I wasn’t asking for superhuman service. I wasn’t asking for everything or even anything to be free.  I wanted a better deal or at least a similar deal to new service subscriber. I don’t understand why a new customer is 10x more valuable than me your simple 7 year customer. After all in 7 years I did the following things: Paid on time via direct debit, I moved once and resigned my agreement; I had no upgrades other than I purchased 3 new remote controls due to breakage. Aren’t I a valuable customer?  I wasn’t difficult to work with and you got your payments on time. I was a no hassle customer. You didn’t even send me a paper bill. However I wanted more options and I want it easy to purchase and install. DirectTV left me hanging. No deals only full retail for upgrades or service changes.  I don’t want super complex service agreements. Comcast blew it because they couldn’t deliver on the install.  I don’t want to waste a day waiting for your installer who seems to be well, incompetent. I am a current customer with both Comcast and DirectTV but they couldn’t help but be stupid.

In the end the DishNetwork salesman and the install team did everything they said they would.  The payment was exact, the installer was 5 minutes early and it went flawless. And the defining moment of this experience is when the Comcast salesman informs me that although I asked for and thought I had purchased the fastest internet connection through Comcast, I didn’t have the fastest and it would be more money.  Son of a!!!  Isn’t $56 a month enough for you people?

I read this today and it made me laugh…Comcast customers startled by customer service I guess we will find out if they find this blog and want to talk about my crappy experience.