The Twitter Revolution has changed the blogging world. Some of my most favorite blogs have changed and become mere tweets.  In some ways blogs were bound to be replaced like any king of the mountain business. Just ask Mark Cuban.

For those not in the know…  Twitter is a service by which messages are sent in 140 character segments. It seems to be a new fad amongst the techies. I have been slow to jump on the Twitter band wagon but over the last 6 months I have been using it.

Some simple observations are that twitter is a cool tool to communicate and stay abreast of new information by those whom you follow. The problem is if you follow more than about 10 people who tweet often it becomes a full time job. Reading 140 characters about others becomes a monster to keep up with especially in a busy world.

I have tried to use software to make it better. Things like twirl and tweetdeck.  While they both made it easier to tweet than going to it still was overwhelming.  I needed something to condense the task.  I stumbled upon I find that it’s easier to browse through tweets and read what’s important to me.


Twitterforsbusypeople gives you three views, last hour, last day and more than 1 day ago. I find that helpful in that who cares about last week’s tweets. If you use twitter as a tool, I suggest that you give it a try.

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