There is an old ugly girl joke ” The girl is so ugly that if she were a sleep on your arm you would chew your arm off so not to wake her when you leave.” BYU football appears to be that ugly. BYU COED JOKES

On Friday the Cougars were trounced by Utah State, an embarrassment to say the least.  Its been 17 years since the Aggies had beaten BYU.  The game was originally scheduled as a gimmie. Whoops nice backfire I guess its why we play the game because nothing is a gimmie.

BYU is off to its worst start, 1-4 since 1973.  They are about to play San Diego who are on a roll 3-1 best start in 29 years. I think Provo is about to get another taste of more ugly because SD destroyed Utah State 41-7 two weeks ago.

The ugly truth about where BYU sits statistically in the nation.  BYU is near the bottom in numerous categories (out of 120 teams): scoring  No. 114 (15.2 ppg); total offense No. 96 (312.6 ypg); passing offense  No. 80 (192.8 ypg); rushing offense  No. 94 (119.80 ypg); pass efficiency  No. 118 (91.94); total defense  No. 101 (433.4 ypg); scoring defense  No. 87 (28.8 ppg); rushing defense  No. 120 (259.2 ypg). BYU is No. 28 in pass defense  No. 28 (174.2 ypg).

Do you think Utah going to the PAC-10 had anything to do with this?  I do.  BYU and Coach Bronco Mendenhall have been “distracted” to say the least.  BYU got left at the altar of college football when the Utes were invited away from the Mountain West Conference and BYU didn’t know what to do about it. During fall football camp BYU/Mendenhall couldn’t focus on anything but what to do about their league. I think this cost the football program coaching time. Mendenhall will never admit this and nor will the players but it’s been a huge distraction.

If BYU wasn’t distracted, why else would Bronco not choose a starting quarterback until game 3? He was too distracted to make a choice at QB and ultimately it may be a major contributing factor to what looks to be the worst season in modern BYU football history.