I must admit that in my teens I may have been musically naïve.  I loved music but I was unknowingly stuck in the 80’s new wave scene. The candy pop by usually British groups filled my collection of albums. That all changed in the fall of 1989 when I was formally introduced to Led Zeppelin.  I thought I was aware of Zeppelin and music but I was sadly mistaken.   I find it ironic now that my Zeppelin education began in the same place that Led Zeppelin chose their name, Denmark.

The Yardbirds were falling apart but were still committed to tour Scandinavia.  Jimmy Page wanted to create a super group with Jeff Beck and The Who’s bassist John Entiwhistle and drummer Keith Moon and Steve Winwood (Blind Faith, Traffic) .   Legend has it that Moon and Entiwhistle thought that the super group would go down like a lead balloon. Band manager Peter Grant changed lead to Led because he thought that Americans would mispronounce it.

In the end Page hired John Paul Jones who was a session bassist and had recorded with Yardbirds.   After both Steve Winwood and Terry Reid declined offers the front man job was offered to Robert Plant (Band of Joy).  Plant recommended John Bohnam for drums.  Led Zeppelin I was based upon this tours live set of songs.  Countess Eva Von Zeppelin, even once threatened to sue Led Zeppelin for illegal use of their family name while performing in Copenhagen.

It’s no wonder these guys pushed me towards playing guitar… Here are a few of the songs that hooked me forever.

Over the Hills and Far Away

Album: Houses of the Holy

Hey Hey What Can I Do

Non-Album Track: B-Side of Immigrant Song.

Going to California

Album: Untitled Album known as Led Zeppelin IV

Living Loving Maid

Album: Led Zeppelin II

Ramble On

Album: Led Zeppelin II

The Battle of Evermore

Album: Untitled Album known as Led Zeppelin IV

Check out the Hurdy-Girdy


Album: Led Zeppelin III

The whole reason I own a 12 string guitar.

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Album Led Zeppelin III

White Summer/Black Mountain

Side Boxed Set 1990

Is there any doubt Jimmy Page can play?

Fool in the Rain

Album In Through the Out Door

Stairway to Heaven

Album: Untitled known as Led Zeppelin IV

I know that this song is cliché but after 40 years this song still holds it own. This clip is from the Led Zeppelin Movie “ The Song Remains the Same“.This version is by far my favorite and shows off the magic of the band.