Yesterday I had the miserable responsibility to visit Wal-Mart in American Fork on a Saturday afternoon.  It was the typical hell that it is, packed to the brim with family shoppers.  I won’t go into detail about the hell but I will share with you a moving experience.

As I walked from the back of the store to the check out I saw something I didn’t expect. As walked down the main aisle, a large house of a man stepped out and walked in front of me.  This man was 6′ 5″ or taller.  He was huge with bulging muscles and a dark tan like he has spent a lot of time outdoors in sun. I was awe struck as I looked at him. This man was starkly different than the other shoppers, he was dressed in his Army combat uniform. His uniform perfect, his face smiling and an air of confidence surrounded him as he walked.

As we walked towards the front of the store something began to happen, something I didn’t expect. Shoppers began to approach this soldier and to shake his hand and thank him for his service to our country. It went on from the back of the store to the check out. At the check-out counter, the lines were huge. I have seen hundreds of men and women in uniform and I have never seen this.  Then it got even more crazy… people began getting out of the soldiers way and allowed him to go to the front of the line.  It was simply amazing.  I have never seen patriotism like that in the middle of a Wal-Mart. What an incredible a sight to see people thanking a volunteer who serves our country.  It was a reminder that Freedom is never free.

God Bless Those Who Serve.