I love the politics of Utah… It’s a train wreck that never ends and is endlessly entertaining. The jackasses that run this state are plentiful. The schemes mostly hare-brained and mostly we can blame the Mormons if you read the majority of commenter’s posts on Utah news sites.

Here are a few of my favorites this year. This year is a tight budget year which makes lawmakers a little bit crazier than normal.

School bus ads bill

In a surprising effort to rethink revenue a bill was created for advertising on the exterior of the bus an idea that has saved nearly 20 teaching jobs in Boston. Again the purse strings wanted to save the children from exposure to advertising… KSL.com

It was killed today in committee even though a Dan Jones poll has 65% of Utahan’s support it.  I support it. It’s funding schools without increasing my taxes. I think more government should try to find ways to monetize their operations.

FYI: that the Jordan School District is laying off staff but that wasn’t enough for the Utah legislature to try and create revenue and save 250 teaching positions in an already understaffed district.  Salt Lake Tribune

A Bill to cut Utah Officials Pay

It’s a tight budget year and everyone needs to contribute but then again maybe not everyone.

The Deseret News reports Rep. Neil Hansen, D-Ogden, wants the Legislature to slash the salaries of Gov. Gary Herbert, Lt. Governor Greg Bell, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, and Treasurer Richard Ellis

House Majority Leader Kevin Garn said lawmakers won’t go down that road and that Hansen’s bill has “zero chance of passing.”   KSL.com

Goose and gander her folks… Why is ok to screw non elected Utahans?

More Budget Cuts for The Ordinary

State retirements get to give a little for the budget. There is also a bill to cut retirements, reduce retirement payouts and add 1-5 years turning a 30 year state retirement into a 31-35 year retirement.  Utah Legislature: State retirement changes gain final approval This is one reason not to re-elect Sen. Dan Liljenquist, R-Bountiful.

Tobacco Tax Increase isn’t looking good especially with the threat of a Governor’s veto. Utah Legislature: Proposed smoking tax would benefit education, law enforcement

Repeat the above response: Goose and gander her folks… Why is ok to screw non elected Utahans?

A Bill to Eliminate the 12 Grade

While I think this is slightly silly Sen. Buttars at least had some out of the box thinking on this one.  A lot of students either waste their senior year or are too busy doing college courses. Why not send them to college early?  Why not make the senior year more stringent and make the youth more educated? Utah Legislature: Buttars pitches plan to save Jordan schools

A Bill to make MLK day also John M. Browning Day.

I am not making this up. I am extremely pro-gun but even I think this bill is asinine. My favorite part is it was created by my Senator, Mark Madsen.  Stupidity unfettered.  Luckily this bill has been killed and its redo to suggest another day has also been defeated.  This one is one of my favorite bills.