The other day I was doing my duty as a Utah citizen, I paid my ATV registration and tax online.  I have done this for years and its not a big deal.

After a while I received a this letter from the Utah State Tax Commission.

Bozo's in Utah Government

So let me get this straight… Your super secure, incredible convenient online registration process failed? Immediately nightmares of identity theft race through my head.

The next thought was who else didn’t pay the right amount and how much in Tax Funds are missing?

I calm down and proceed to call them to pay for the missing portion. I get to sit on hold for 10 minutes only to be told that “No You can’t pay online.” and “No you can’t pay over the phone.”

How do I pay for it?

“You may mail it in or visit one of our offices”

Utah has been complaining of budget shortfalls for years.  They promote online government here almost as much as Dancing with the Stars.

Here is my gripe… This is the second time that Utah’s Online Features have failed.  Jury Duty and WTF Technology

And Now I have to drive to the worst place on earth, the Utah DMV.  Oh and they aren’t open on Fridays, thank you Ex-Governor/Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman Jr.  Utah Government Fail.

I go to the DMV and I wait in line and they say I only owe $22.  I show them my letter.  She has to call and verify that it is $35.  Ok then the register won’t process the check.  Another call to tech support.  It finally works.  Now we have to call again to get a receipt.  Finally we get it squared away and I get to go home.