Recently Senator Chris Buttars (R-West Jordan) was promoting the Utah Legislator to declare “war on Christmas.” The local senator of controversy is sponsoring a resolution encouraging retailers to re-embrace Christmas instead of Holidays Buttars was quoted as saying, “I’m sick of the Christmas wars—we are a Christian nation and ought to use the word.” Buttars would like to see Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holiday. Although I support Buttars only because I am sick of hypersensitivity to everything under the sun, I personally think this is a waste of government. Why can’t people suck it up and understand that it’s only words? “They are only words.” George Carlin from his famous skit The Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV (NOT CHILD OR WORK FRIENDLY THERE IS A LOT SWEARING).

Christmas in South Salt Lake

In more war on Christmas news it appears that South Salt Lake Swat has offended some other government agencies with its controversial use of Santa. Some unnamed agency refuses to display the Holiday card due to the fear that it might scare children who think that the Swat team is trying to kill Santa. I wonder, if Chris Buttars called South Salt Lake Mayor Bob Gray about the inappropriate use of Happy Holidays?