I built this website 10 years ago for a few simple reasons that are still true today: Reason #1 to learn how to build a website. (Now it’s mostly Search Engine Work) Reason #2 To share my life with friends and family. Reason #3 To Vent about life. A What’s Eating Eran Bair?

I use Google Analytics to gather data about my website. Recently I was browsing my websites analytics to see if I could see trends and such and see if any of my tricks work to gain more visitors through website manipulation. Looking through this list I find some very interesting things.

It turns out that I get visitors on some strange searches:

Why do people have goats? 3 searches
(My family had goats growing up and I am still wondering why other than they ate anything including Star thistle which is a crappy weed in northern CA. )

Naked Grandma’s 179 searches (I find this most disturbing… What is wrong with you perverts? It appears there are more deviants than I thought.)

Can you get AIDS from Oral Sex? 4 searches (I guess sex ed. didn’t teach everyone. I found over 40 questions about AIDS alone.)

Where to find a prostitute in Utah county? 1 searches
(This one made me laugh out loud)

What dos the female penguin look like? 2 searches
(A lot like the male)

Wichita Lineman song Sucks 2 searches
(Take it easy on Glen Campbell I am a closet fan who is close to coming out when he buys tickets to his concert in Wendover.)

How to spell Oklahoma? 3 searches
(Now the kids won’t ever learn to spell…)

Golden Rentals and Snowmobile rentals Utah Golden 498 searches with over 1000 searches regarding Snowmobile rentals.
(This one makes me so happy… I had a horrible snowmobile rental experience with this lousy company and I know now that message is getting through to their customers. Golden Rentals of Murray, Utah SUCKS)