Its some times hard to decide what to give to charity. 

 How about my car’s bumper? 

Missing my bumper Missing my bumper 2

The asshat that was driving the United Way van in Lehi on Monday thought that the bumper would be a nice donation and took it as he blasted through a red light.

 My favorite part of the ordeal was when the Lehi Police officer told me that I was just trying to incite trouble by mentioning to my wife that we needed to remove all our valuables from the car.

The last wreck the towing company/storage lot stole everything not bolted down and some things that were. I replied that the last time we were ripped off. And the officers response….

 This is Lehi. 

 So those not in the know… Lehi, UT doesn’t have any theft/vehicle burglaries. 

And the last time my car was in the crime metropolis of Lindon, Utah.