For some reason I have ended up on the White House’s spam email newsletter propaganda list. I have no idea how I got there. I do not ever remember signing up to get anything. Being a professional IT person I understand how to get spam, how to handle spam etc. I am almost 100% positive that my address was harvested or given to the White House. Maybe Gmail gave me up… Maybe I was harvested inspite of my extreme protective nature of this email account.

The email being spammed is a account. It is one that I use only for business yet somehow the White House found it and is spamming me. I find this quite disturbing.  The buffer between the government and my privacy has become almost non-existent. I have a long time friend who works in the Federal Government. I have no idea what he does other than he has classifed clearance and he travels a lot. I suspect he is a translator but I don’t know. For the past 4 years he has been deathly affraid to tell me anything about his job including his job title and what part of the government he works for on the phone, in email or even instant message. I asked him point blank and he said that its too unsecure.  With that being said it was implied that he expected all of his communications as being monitored and not by spies but the Feds.

Watching Fox News last night I found out that I am not alone on my spam.Major Garrett asked Press Secretary Robert Gibbs about it and became quite annoyed, defensive and down right unfriendly. I see this as a sign of something fishy. The guilty taketh the truth to be hard for it cutteth to the very center.

After a few searches on the web… It appears I am not alone.

Obama Spam? No Answer Yet… FOX Reporter Major Garrett Hits Nerve Asking Press Sec. Gibbs about Unsolicited Health Care Emails (video)