What if your windows desktop didn’t have to be boring? What if you could do more than create icons and folders? Well now you can? It’s called BumpTop.

Bumptop allows you to organize your computers desktop more like you organize your office. It allows you to create piles of documents, files, pictures music what ever.
It allows you to flip through your document files via the scroll wheel or by clicking those to a grid lay out. Another cool part of this is the ability to see what your documents look like without opening them up. You can make documents and piles bigger or smaller to organize on their importance or usage. The more used files become larger. You can pin things to the walls or even write yourself PostIt note like reminder notes.

Search is different also in that you type part of a file name and the files with those letters illuminate on your desktop. No more bringing up a pop up window and waiting for the search to find the file.

Another cool feature is the drag and drop to post to facebook or twitter or even to email or a thumb drive making it one simple step with automated upload features.

Check out Bumpstop in this video

I don’t understand why windows cannot create a cool desktop in their operating system. The desktop has been unchanged since Apple created the windows desktop in the early 80’s.