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I don’t know if this is a real Calvin and Hobbes but it illustrates some great points about American Business and our economy.

It appears lately that the American Business Juggernaut has been sidelined. I believe we have too much government intervention hindering business.  It has become easier to do business elsewhere. Its cheaper, its faster, more efficient for those building business to build outside the USA.

Utah Entrepreneur Blogger Paul Allen post Tim Draper keynote at OnDC €˜09€“€Land of the free, home of the brave€

How free are we?

The government spends 40% of what we make.

We spend more for our average prisoner than for an average student.

Going through the airports, almost every time I get the probe.

Some construction permits take more than 6 years.

How brave are we?

There are more lawyers per worker than any other country. More bureaucrats per worker than any other country.

Average salary for a public worker is higher than for a private worker now.

Speedy trials? He shows picture of OJ Simpson.

Are we still free to own guns?

We€™ve become very politically correct, except maybe me. But I€™ve always thought I was correct politically.

How happy are we?

Do we all fit into a mold and become automatons?

It€™s a global game now.

The game has changed for governments too. Each government used to govern a geographic territory. Now we have competitive governance. Better communication, perfect information, simplified supply chains. Governmens have to compete for great businesses, for capital, for entrepreneurs.

As he goes around the world, he notices how governments around the world are doing a great job attracting capital and entrepreneurs. The U.S. is not. The U.S. is adding more difficulty, more regulation for entrepreneurs. Imagine if the world completely opened up, and you could pick and choose. You might pick Chile€™s privatized social security, you€™d pick something about Singapore, US freedom of speech, maybe Sweden€™s ______.

He looked at the government spending chart at It€™s gone from 7 1/2% to over 40% in the past 100 years. That may be a good thing, but I want to see whether it really is.

In 1820, India, US and China were all dirt poor. He has charted spending over time, and he has determined that US GDP growth is hurt by the increase in government spending. He can show this correlation.

Another Paul Allen post Living Blogging Always On OnDC; Tony Perkins welcomes attendees

Tony Perkins, founder of the Churchill Club, Upside Magazine, Red Herring, and Always On took the stage to welcome the attendees.

Tony says a key question for the future of our economy is: Are we importing intellectual capital? Is the US still the best place to pursue dreams? So far, he thinks that is still the case. But as soon as that intellectual capital stops coming in, it means we are over-regulating, aren€™t creating a playing field that is good for entrepreneurs.

As a nation, our unemployment rate is too high. The stimulus has been something like $800 billion. VC-backed companies create jobs 3 times faster. 11% of all jobs are coming from venture-backed companies. 92% of job growth comes after IPO. So over-regulating the financial food chain like we€™ve done with Sarbanes Oxley, or even talking about regulating the venture capital business, which I think is a bad idea. These things will inhibit job growth.

There is an encouraging idea coming out of the Administration€“lowering the capital gains on long-term investments in small companies.

Why did I bother to post these to my blog?

I believe the key to a strong America is better government. To me better government means less government. Less government in peoples’ lives, less government in business including lobbying, and large business manipulation of government. I believe our current bloated government is on a collision course with failure. I hope that an entrepreneurial spirited government rises from the ashes.