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Raise taxes now — the elders of the economy say so

A friend of mine often emails me articles and his opinions on the craziness of government.  He humors me and allows me to post it here on my blog. (Past post)  So here is another anonymous guest post from a friend. Raise taxes now -- the elders of the economy say so Greenspan, no fan of big [...]

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Value-Added Tax is Not the Answer

Today's post is a guest post from a friend. I find it relevant because very soon the President and The Congress are going to ask for a Value Added Tax. The VAT is essentially a national sales tax, levied in proportion to the goods and services produced and sold. But its delightful concealment comes from the fact [...]

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States Look to Steal Customer Data and Chase Back Taxes

We have all heard that there is no escape from Death or Taxes. As the sour economy continues and states are struggling to balance bloated budges, they look to find creative “no harm” taxes.  For some reason the boneheads in government think that taxes increase economic output.  This is a huge fallacy. Stealing business revenues [...]

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2 Senators Seek to Hike Sales Tax on Utah Food

Senate budget chairman Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, and president of the Utah Taxpayers Association, Sen. Howard Stephenson, R-Draper would like to raise your taxes on food. In separate statements both men have said they want to restore the food tax. Hillyard told the Cache Valley Daily that if all of the state sales tax was put [...]

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