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My favorite version of Crosby, Stills, & Nash’s – Suite Judy Blue Eyes

The song was written by Steven Stills to his then girlfriend singer Judy Collins. In the 1991 boxed set of CSN work, Stills said: “It started out as a long narrative poem about my relationship with Judy. It poured out of me over many months and filled several notebooks. I had a hell of a [...]

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The End of Nirvana

Sometime in the fall of 1991, I heard Nirvana's  Smells Like Teen Spirit.  The music hit me in the face like a brick. After one listen I was hooked.  I bought the CD almost immediately.  Nearly 20 years later the song still reminds me of some great days in college. Today's thought is about how [...]

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Late Night Music Search

Sometimes as I work on my computer I search YouTube for music. I was browsing through a collection of acoustic guitar songs when I stumbled across Boyce Avenue. Boyce Avenue is a Florida-based band of brothers Alejandro, Fabian, and Daniel Manzano. The band has strong acoustic roots and constant melody- and harmony-driven rock sound. These [...]

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Acoustic Music Love

I thought today I would blog about some of my favorite acoustic guitar songs of all time. This is just a random sampling from my music collection. There are hundreds more but these came to my mind to share.

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