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Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection ACT (NREPA)

There are too many people that think that wilderness designation is the best way to protect the forest from man. It is not. All it does is limit the management’s ability to manage federal lands and fails to make a better healthier wilderness. It fails to enrich biodiversity, it fails to keep the forest healthy, it fails to create positive economic input and it fails to provide access to everyone's land.

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ATVs=Family Time

Last spring I decided to purchase an ATV. This year we picked up a second one. It has been more fun than I ever imagined. I have taken my family and friends out and about on them. Here are some of the photos. Even more posted on MyAtvblog.com

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A true confession of Eran

 I thought today I would share a part of the inner me. That inner me is something that I hate about myself and really I hate to share it but I hope that this is therapeutic. My confession is gifts. I hate everything about gifts. I hate the whole process from wondering about what is [...]

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5 Mile Pass: My First Ride of Spring

The biggest reason I live in Utah is the outdoors.  The skiing is incredible. I have skied from CA to Vermont and no snow is as good as Utah's. That said my biggest love is Jeeping and ATV's (My ATV Adventure Here).  When the snow melts in the spring and the mountains open up I [...]

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