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It’s not like its real money?

 courtesy of www.clearlydeparted.com I applaud the President for having the guts to ask for cuts of $100,000,000 from each member of his cabinet. I mean one hundred million dollars is a nice sum anywhere but in Washington D.C. "$100 million there, $100 million here, pretty soon, even in Washington, it adds up to real money," [...]

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The President Underwhelms the Browns with DVD’s

It appears that the Obamas sent the Secret Service on a late night run to Walmart for last minute for gifts. Well it appears that no one taught the President and First Lady the proper gift edicate. The right gift should be researched and chosen appropriately for the receiver. And who was the victim of suc a gift? President and Mrs Barack Obama recently gave DVD's as a gift to the Prime Minister of Great Britain. According to Britian's Newspaper The Daily Mail the DVD's included the following:

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The Stimulus Bill

Newt Gingrich made some excellent points about this bill. Some of my favorite parts: Obama is in real danger in becoming Jimmy Carter instead of Ronald Reagan. Even better was it would take all the taxes in the United States from January until August to pay for it. It will cost more than 7 years [...]

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