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Apple Becomes The Bully: Raids Journalist’s Home

What the hell has happened to Apple? Steve Jobs and Apple  are acting like the Gestapo. The background story in short… An Apple engineer looses the next-gen iPhone prototype at a bar.  Some one finds it and and attempts to return it to Apple. Apple doesn't realize its missing or whatever.  The finder after realizing [...]

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What’s Wrong with the American Economy Illustrated by Calvin & Hobbes

I don't know if this is a real Calvin and Hobbes but it illustrates some great points about American Business and our economy. It appears lately that the American Business Juggernaut has been sidelined. I believe we have too much government intervention hindering business.  It has become easier to do business elsewhere. Its cheaper, its faster, [...]

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How to Build a Business Warren Buffet Would Buy?

Be motivated by excellence, not money. You need to be better than all of your competitors. If you are, the profits will come. Offer customers true value on quality products. A low price on a cheap piece of furniture is not value. Think like a customer and treat them as you would like to be treated. Remember: we are agents for our customers and they can fire us at any time and take their business elsewhere.

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