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Randi Zuckerberg Also Confused About Facebook Privacy

Online privacy can be confusing and can be tough.  Just ask Gun owners in New York or Randi Zuckerberg about her personal photo that was tweeted out to the world. Randi, who is the former marketing director of Facebook and brother of the founder Mark Zuckerberg, posted a feisty tweet Tuesday night scolding a Twitter [...]

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How to Disable Facebook’s Facial Recognition

Facebook's masive computer systems will soon be able to recognize familiar faces. Facebook is changing the process for tagging friends in photos uploaded to the social network, the company announced on Tuesday. In the next few weeks, the system will scan all images posted to Facebook and suggest the names of people who appear in [...]

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Facebook Users Post Bra Colors for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer awareness campaign has Facebook users spotting color updates and is leaving men confused. So what the hell is going on? Apparently women of bra wearing ages are supposed to post their bra colors online to boost awareness. A message claiming to be a cancer awareness campaign is spreading through Facebook inbox messages, encouraging [...]

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Facebook Fail

It appears that personal details about the life and exciting times of the next head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, have been removed from social networking site Facebook amid security concerns. Apparently his wife failed to turn on security settings for the site exposing his family, address, parents address as well as speedo pics. Whoops. [...]

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