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Happy 75th Birthday Bob!

Today is the 75th birthday of legendary actor/director/activist Robert Redford.  I was lucky enough to work for Bob Redford for 3 years at his Sundance Resort.  It was a great experience. While at Sundance, I heard Bob tell this story. Redford was good friends with Paul Newman. Newman had become a racing enthusiast and was [...]

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Ski Sundance for $10

As an ex-Sundance Resort employee I am still a sucker for the place that Robert Redford built. If the Sundance Facebook page gets 10,000 likes (aka fans) The resort will have a $10 ski day. The Sundance Film Festival is back and we want to welcome everyone to Utah and to Sundance Resort. In order [...]

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Me and Paul

It all goes back to Me and Paul by Willie Nelson...Embarrassing moments...everyone has them now and again. Usually harmless but nonetheless they leave a shiny mark upon the person who had the moment. I recently discovered that I had one about 4 years ago but didn't discover it until a few days ago. In the fall of 2002 I was working at Robert Redford's Sundance Resort as an IT person. Willie Nelson had agreed to come to the resort and perform a concert for Bob's North Fork Preservation Alliance. They needed a couple of people to help with the set up. It was a chance to be Willie's roadie for a day. I of course volunteered and was chosen.

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